Common Amazon Feed Errors and Their Solutions: A Comprehensive Guide Based on Error Codes

Amazon Feed Errors


When it comes to selling on Amazon, ensuring a flawless product feed is crucial for a successful e-commerce venture. However, it’s not uncommon to encounter feed errors that can hinder your product listings and impact your sales. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the most common Amazon feed errors, exploring their causes and providing detailed solutions based on the associated error codes. By understanding and addressing these issues, you can optimize your product feed and maximize your selling potential on Amazon.


  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 20008: Image Error – Shorter Side Does Not Meet Minimum Pixel Requirement This error arises when the shorter side of your product image fails to meet Amazon’s minimum pixel requirement. To resolve this issue, carefully review your product images and consider engaging a professional photographer to ensure they meet the specific requirements outlined by Amazon.
  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 20009: Image Error – Larger Side Does Not Meet Minimum Pixel Requirement Similar to the previous error, this occurs when the larger side of your product image falls below the minimum pixel requirement specified by Amazon. Take the time to assess your product images and seek professional assistance if necessary to meet Amazon’s image guidelines.
  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 8026: Permission Error – Restricted Category Assignment This error indicates that your product belongs to a restricted category or subcategory that requires prior approval. To rectify this, submit a request for approval to Amazon by utilizing the “Add a product” option found in the “Inventory” tab.
  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 8059: Permission Error – Restricted ASIN Authorization If you receive this error, it means that Amazon controls authorization for certain ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers). Attempting to send product information for a restricted item without prior approval leads to the 8059 error. Seek authorization from Amazon by using the “Add a product” option in the “Inventory” tab.
  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 8566: ASIN Error – SKU Does Not Match Any Existing ASIN This error occurs when the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) you provide does not match any existing ASIN in Amazon’s catalog. Additionally, insufficient product data may hinder the creation of a new ASIN. To address this, open a case with Amazon, providing evidence of your brand’s existence through product photos featuring your brand logo.
  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 8541/8542: ASIN Error – Conflicting Product Identifiers These errors indicate that the Product ID (e.g., UPC, EAN) corresponds to multiple ASINs, but the associated attributes such as title and bullet points do not match the data already present in Amazon’s catalog. This issue can arise from reusing UPCs or entering invalid ones. Validate the barcode by searching it on Google to ensure it aligns with Amazon’s data. If conflicts persist, contact Amazon’s seller support for the resolution.
  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 90122: General Description Error – HTML Detected in Product Detail Page This error alerts you that Amazon has detected HTML or other code in your product detail page. Avoid using HTML, JavaScript, or any code in your sales copy to resolve this issue.
  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 90117: General Description Error – Exceeded Character Limit When you receive this error, it signifies that one or more attributes in your product detail page have exceeded the character limit specified for your category. Ensure compliance by using online characters or byte counters to verify attribute lengths.
  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 8560: General Description Error – Missing Mandatory Product Data or Invalid Value This error occurs when your product feed lacks mandatory data or contains invalid values. Download the inventory flat file specific to your category and make sure to fill in all the mandatory data correctly, such as UPCs.
  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 8016: General Description Error – Insufficient Product Data for Variation Relationships This error indicates that you haven’t provided enough product data to establish variation relationships. Verify that the parent product and its child products share the same variation theme (e.g., SizeColor). Additionally, ensure the relevant variation fields (e.g., Color and Size) have accurate values.
  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 99003: General Description Error – Missing Required Value for Specified Variation Theme When you encounter this error, it means you haven’t provided a required value for a specified variation theme. Refer to the Flat file to determine the accepted values for your chosen variation theme. Open a case with Amazon for guidance if needed.
  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 99010: General Description Error – Contradicting or Missing Field Values in Conditionally Related Group This error occurs when one or more fields in a conditionally related group contain conflicting or missing values. To avoid this error, ensure all attributes in conditionally required groups are populated with valid values.
  1. Amazon Feed Error Code 90057: General Description Error – Invalid Values in Feed Error 90057 arises when you submit a value that is not one of the pre-determined values accepted for a specific field. Review the data definitions tab in the Inventory flat file for your product category to check the accepted values and ensure compliance.



Understanding and resolving common Amazon feed errors is essential for maintaining a high-quality product feed and optimizing your selling potential. By referring to this comprehensive guide and addressing these errors promptly, you can improve the accuracy of your product listings, enhance visibility, and drive sales on the Amazon platform. For a more detailed chart of common feed errors and their solutions, download our Common Feed Error Chart. It serves as a handy reference to help you navigate and overcome these challenges effectively.


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